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Working with a Designer to custom design and build your home is a creative process which involves many choices, ideas, and opinions. 


30 North Design, LLC collaborates with clients to ensure a cohesive and successful project. We strive to produce a design and set of Construction Documents  which fully explains and details the custom design our clients envisioned. 


Design Phases:



30 North Design, LLC will work with you to establish a program, schedule, budget, site conditions, and other requirements of the project.  In the case of renovation work, this phase may include field measuring and photographing existing buildings and conditions to prepare base documents.



30 North Design, LLC will establish conceptual designs based on the program outlined during the Pre-Design phase. Together we will develop floor plans and a preliminary site plan. Once Schematic Floor Plans are developed, we will begin the Schematic Elevations. The Elevations will show the design, scale, and overall feeling of the proposed home.



Based on your approval of the Schematic Design, we will start developing the Construction Documents.  Construction Documents will further develop the floor plans, building elevations and identify general levels of construction detail. 



This phase finalizes the Construction Documents which  can be used for bidding and negotiating with your Builder, who can then use them to obtain a building permit and construct your project.

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